The Propagander! includes diverse and controversial materials--such as excerpts from the writings of racists and anti-Semites--so that its readers can learn the nature and extent of hate and anti-Semitic discourse. It is our sincere belief that only the informed citizen can prevail over the ignorance of Racialist "thought." Far from approving these writings, The Propagander! condemns racism in all of its forms and manifestations.



New Latin, from 'Congregatio de propaganda fide Congregation
for propagating the faith'
, an organization established
by Pope Gregory. First appeared 1718

1) The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose
   of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

2) Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further
   one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public
   action having such an effect.

-- pro*pa*gan*dist (noun or adjective)
-- pro*pa*gan*dis*tic (adjective)
-- pro*pa*gan*dis*ti*cal*ly (adverb)
-- pro*pa*gan*der (website)

Featured Sites:
Austria: The Other Germany
Adolf Hitler: The First Super-Villian
Third Reich History: What Happened Today?
Countdown to Infamy: Timeline to Pearl Harbor
Biographical Timeline: of the Infamous Adolf Hitler
Countdown To WW2: August 22 - September 1, 1939
The Nuremberg Nazis: Detailed, Documented Biographies
Wunderwaffen: Hitler's Deception and the History of Rocketry
Main Sites:

Secret History: Of The Volkswagen
Adolf Hitler: The Fuehrer's Mercedes
Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf Examined
In the Shadow of Frederick the Great
Hitler's Battleship: Sink The Bismarck!
Non-Fiction Comics: Military Periodicals
History of Olympic Boycotts: From Berlin to Beijing
Hogan's Jews: 5 Cast Members Were Jews; Their Stories
Adolf Hitler FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Lesser Sites:
Adolf Hitler: With God On His Side
Adolf Hitler: His Views on Jews
The Hitler Youth: The Magnificent, Free Predator
The Fine Art Of War: War Scenes By The Masters
The Poetry Of War: WW1 And WW2
Ridicule: The Three Stooges Meet Adolf Hitler!
Ridicule 2: Chaplin as The Jewish Barber
Misc: Odds, Ends
Adolf Hitler's: Zweites Buch
Mein Kampf: The Nazi Bible


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